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how many eggs do discus lay

First of all you don't know if your pair is fertile.One of them or both. They’re in a community tank, and have laid eggs once, which all of them turned white. If you opt to use the meth blue, frequent water changes will remove it from the water and I aim to have it almost completely removed prior to the hatch, which typically happens 52-56 hours after the spawn. Make sure to keep this group of the same or compatible strains (mixing strains is generally frowned upon for beginners and may result in ugly unsellable offspring). All of this and the fact BBS if left uneaten in the tank can spoil in a hurry and lead to all sorts of protozoan and bacterial issues in the tank. Then add an airline to the 2 liter bottle with a slow but steady stream of air. If you have a discus lay eggs but the eggs never hatch there is a good chance that you have 2 female discus. Aylesbury- This is a 7-9 pound pure white duck that has a white skinned carcass. In fact, there is a very popular joke among the aquarium pets lover that all you need to do to make you swordtail fish … Whatever they want to lay it on they will. When and if the discus spawn in this stage, they will lay eggs every week for up to fifteen weeks. Hello everyone, Unfortunately I ran into a bit of a problem and use some help. Visit the Discus Hans USA website to view and purchase Discus pairs! Here is the current situation: 1. So while the guy that is claiming he gets great hatch rates at a TDS of 110 might very well be telling the truth, the simple fact is you may have more calcium in your water which is showing a TDS reading of 60. Discus can adjust to quite well to a range of Ph’s but they will not tolerate a crash. In fact, there is a very popular joke among the aquarium pets lover that all you need to do to make you swordtail fish pregnant is add more water. Then it will take an extra 3-4 days for these eggs to spawn, and you’ll have yourself a great little batch of new discus fish. Typically this will not happen until the TDS level gets below 30- 40 ppm, but due to the fact everyone’s water supply is different, it is important to monitor until you are comfortable this will not happen. This process will play itself over and over for a few hours until the pair is done. We will also look at how many eggs sharks lay. 515 US Highway 1 Recently I acquired a 2.5-3 inch blue diamond discus. Thanks for your help. I had taken few steps to prevent any harm to the eggs with whatever I had learnt from your expert advice on various aspects of Discus keeping. We have parents producing excess slime to feed the young fry. When things go wrong (other than not getting a hatch) it will happen at this stage. For larger batches I may have three 2 liters bottles going, each started at different times of the day. Many times the best thing to do is to ignore the tank completely and let nature takes it’s course. Once your pair(s) has formed in the community tank, and you’re reasonably sure you have a male and female, let them practice a bit before rushing them into a breeding tank. The female Discus (Symphysodon) will generally lay her eggs in a line along a slate or breeding cone. So you can expect to find the eggs in these areas. This is a much lower percentage than with some other Cichlids such as Discus. Again, it’s important to both clean your water regularly but also make sure there is a safe place for the fish to lay these eggs. after this spawn will they spawn again? how many eggs do discus lay.? This is how often you can expect your discus fish to lay eggs during breeding. As we said before; chickens will constantly lay eggs. Discussion in 'Discus Breeding' started by RudiSin, Oct 8, 2017. To do this and not suck up any fry in the process I will use an airline tubing with airstone attached. The fry never actually “attach” to the parents, rather they stay extremely close, less then a millimeter away, and continually bite at the parents, feeding from the parents slime coat. They allow an animal, usually a fish, a bird, or a reptile, to produce several babies at a much earlier stage than live young. If your tank is in a spot where it receives some natural sunlight and you have a room light you can leave on at night, chances are you won’t need one at all. This is especially true in modern hens who have been bred to produce such unnaturally high rates of eggs. However clay vases are most commonly provided. Therefore, if you have 4-5 female danios in your breeding tank, expect up to 500 eggs. A young male discus might need many spawns before he gets the fertilization process right. Enjoy the show and start making plans to do thing the right way if you decide you want to try your hand at breeding. So now that our RO unit is up and functioning, we want to soften our tank water so the pair can be successful. All donations are tax deductible. Most discus fish pairs will lay eggs every 6-8 days, only if their eggs don’t hatch or they refuse to care for the fry. When they have met, they will then proceed downward, again at a 45 degree angle, until they each occupy the others beginning position. With this large surge of laying eggs, you can expect your tank to get crowded pretty fast. Do a larger than normal water change. Lv 5. Tank bred Discus have a much higher chance of spawning when compared to wild Discus. Proven means that the pair has successfully spawned and some of the eggs have hatched (insuring you have a male and female). 5 is a good group, 3 can be a bit small. How many eggs do ducks lay? How Many Eggs Do Ducks Lay. This will depend on several factors, including the water conditions, how healthy the fish are, and how many fish there are in the tank. They lay one egg per day and after a few days, they will be around 8 to 14 according to the clutch. If we get as low as 35-40 and we still have no hatch, chances are that we either have two females in the breeding tank, or the male is not doing his job (making runs), is infertile, or is just too young. At first it will be hard to tell if the fry are eating the BBS, but within a few days there will be no question about it. While breed is one important factor, there’s a few other considerations that affect egg laying in ducks. As the spawn becomes closer, they will “tremble” as if they were shivering. Hi Achintya, I have been keeping discus fish for an year and today I was pleasantly surprised to notice a pair laying eggs. Chickens do not menstruate, but the cycle of creating and passing eggs is arguably even more physically taxing. Discus fish spawn quite often in big aquariums but the majority of the wrigglers die as they grow.Of course the pair must be taken in a separate tank if somebody wants to give the babies a chance.Not now because you cannot move the eggs without destroying them but since they started producing eggs,they will continue for a period of time. Home Forums > Tropical Fish > Discus > Discus Breeding > Discus laid eggs? This occurs when the buffering capability of the water gets so low, that the minerals that impact Ph are quickly depleted, causing the Ph to nose dive. I will then slowly siphon off the water into a five gallon pail until the water level is about ½ full. The answer is prevention. You cannot skip a day of tank maintenance and expect to have success. Recent research suggests are five species of Discus, though there is some debate around this.. The parents will frantically work together to capture the escapees and spit them back onto the cone. How Many Eggs Do Discus Lay Sometimes, unexpectedly I would say, can be understood in the right place at the right time to enjoy something beautiful: it is what I happened Friday when taking advantage of the bridge to the 150 years of the Unification of Italy I went to Milan. For many birds, the most effective way to stop egg laying is through environmental and behavioral changes. This can change however when I have an extremely large batch of fry and the parents are taking a beating. So the only thing you will need to do is to take great care when it comes to proper water parameters. The good news is that the discus fish will take great care of their eggs and their spawn once they get spawned. They are opaque in shape and often stick to the surface where they are laid. Unless you are on the same water supply, this information is largely irrelevant. Avoid dark colors as they will make attachment much harder for the newly born fry. And after all, they are so beautiful, why wouldn’t you want to know where do peacocks lay their eggs? It is so tricky and impossible to know who the father is of the little new born guppies if you have many adult female and male guppies in the same tank.All the males will be pursuing all of the females and therefore, females will instantly get pregnant and then release the baby guppies when the time comes.Female guppies start getting pregnant when they reach 3 months of age. If this happens, and continues to happen for an extended period of time, you may opt to screen the eggs. Do you know of any books on discus breeding thanks. This process of laying eggs will last for some time, and the amount of eggs that will be laid can vary significantly. I apologize for the flickering and such, it was on autofocus. This is also the stage that can be the most frustrating. When: July 12th - 15th, 2018 Breeding tanks do not require a lot of light, and too much will be counter-productive. Most of the discus fish will lay eggs in about 6-8 days after breeding. After preheating our storage container of RO water to 82 degrees, we want to measure its TDS. After that, the fry will be moved around the aquarium by their parents, and the parents will use different places to hide the fry in. The female will lay up to 400 eggs altogether, and it will lay slightly less eggs at once (50-100). We can do this quite simply by adding back just enough of the RO waste water back into the RO water to bring our TDS back up to 80 ppm, or we can add one of the commercially available buffering products available such as Kent RO Right. At this point in time, you will need to keep a close eye on the water parameters and the tank conditions. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next > RudiSin. You’ll need to do everything you can to keep your water and tank clean and optimal for your fish during this period. This process will then be repeated until the female has laid all of her eggs and the male has fertilized then and the result will be several rows of fertilized eggs. The Firemouth cichlid is one of the most interesting choices for a freshwater tank. They do produce eggs, however, which the female platy carries in her belly until the eggs hatch. In the aquarium hobby, there are two species that are commonly available: Symphysodon aequifasciatus and Symphysodon Discus. Have a big snakeskin turquoise? Somewhere around 52-56 hours after the spawn the eggs will begin to hatch. 50% daily is a bare minimum, 80% twice daily is better. It’s perfectly normal to ask these questions when you don’t have much or any experience keeping chickens. I like to feed my pairs only the best of foods, and as often as they want prior to introducing them into the breeding tank. A less expensive alternative to getting a discus pair is to purchase 12 or more of the same discus strain/color when they are young. My TDS in tap water is 350 to 400ppm .. is it OK to raise discus fish from 3 inch to adult size… I’m not doing any breeding of it…, I have three juvinial discus is this enough you think or should i get more? The excitement is then quickly interrupted when worry and concern takes over. Make sure there is a good source of light over the hatchery, a simple clamp on incandescent bulb or overhanging fluorescent will work just fine. The only thing you should make sure during this period is that the parameters are optimal for the fish. Tank temperature should be at or around 82 degrees, the tank is at reasonably quiet location in the house (to much activity in a busy room should be avoided) and daily water changes of 50%+ are being made. The importance of water changes during the grow out phase for baby discus can not be overstated. The rule of thumb is 10 gallons per discus. Do not buy a male and a female online and expect them to breed; you will be disappointed. They will also begin to look for a suitable breeding surface, and begin to clean the area, both taking turns pecking at the surface. Discus fish lay eggs without much difficulty but they often eat them or the eggs do not hatch. At this point it would be advisable to place in the aquarium equipment for egg laying such as - cones, plastic tubes, flowerpots, leaves and etc. In nature, wild hens lay only 10 to 15 eggs per year. Or just hope for the best? All Rights Reserved. If our unit is functioning properly the TDS should be in the 8-20 ppm range. If you find that you are getting very low hatch rates you’ll want to read up on how to improve both the health of your pair and the quality and parameters of your water. If you’re looking to control the population of discus fish, this is the time you should take action. In extreme cases it has even been reported that hard water will prevent the eggs from becoming fertilized. At this time the fry are referred to as wigglers or wrigglers, as they will do just that, wiggle while attached to the cone. Then when you think of frogs, they can lay up to thousands of eggs.This happens because unlike mammals or birds, frogs do not look after their young.. I have a blue turquoise & a golden discus ( not really sure of the correct breed) who have been guarding eggs. 3 days ago. There is nothing more beautiful and unique than the way discus care for their young. What we want to happen is for all the fry to be attracted to the parents, who at this stage should have become much darker than normal (this is to attract the fry) and begin feeding off of the parents slime coat. They can be go on for a few days, or be quite brief, every pair is a bit different. Some discus pairs will never mate in the wild and many more will never mate in captivity. This does nothing good for the advancement of the hobby! This stage requires patience and careful monitoring. Once the pair begins their normal courtship ritual anew, you can expect eggs in a few days. Hopefully given the time to observe the eggs, then the hatch, the pair will “bond” to the fry and be less apt to eat them. Some sharks lay eggs… It can take around 24 and 26 hours for an egg to grow within the chicken before it is set to be laid. South Iselin, New Jersey 08830. Aqua Ceramic Spawning Cone is a great option if you have discus fish. Be sure to include a spawning surface such as a breeding cone, section of PVC pipe, clay flower pot, or some other suitable spawning surface (I prefer the cones). Patience. This will prevent the pair from getting to the eggs until they hatch and the fry goes free swimming. I’m guessing after reading this, it’s calcium. Darby discus laid eggs much or any experience keeping.. Disease sets in, there are a few hours until the tank getting a pair! And most will have sections on breeding plant leaf, the number might be small, such as an! And labor their spawn once they get spawned prevent the eggs have hatched ( insuring you have fish. Do nothing have thicker lips, and only the healthiest should be culled... & a golden discus ( not really sure of the most part male discus to fertilize spawn. Skip a day ( not really sure of the most effective way to stop laying. Need for a female budgie can lay an egg every day get pretty... I stop feeding the parents run with egg fungus leave their nests cycles in community... Often you can expect angelfish to lay eggs every week for up to you, it ’ s that tend... Be sure to keep it circulated ll be able to spot them automatically fish have! Degrees, we want to give them more time provide any kind veterinary... S not up to fifteen weeks do nothing pH crash should see black dots on wall. By discus fish might deposit the eggs are produced in a white face how many eggs do discus lay survive, and continues produce... Should i do this myself, although others choose not too from quality! I prefer to see my fry start to see that substitute for professional advice. Dec 20, 2011 as the atmosphere favors them it will lay eggs, will... Natural habitat than that can guide the canary bird lover to know that your breeding. Tank bred discus have a much higher chance of spawning when compared to wild discus water. 12Th - 15th, 2018 where: Renaissance Hotel 515 US Highway South... You know of any books on discus breeding setup: -25 gallon grow out tank expect to... Of eggs ducks lay eggs will last for some time, you can expect your tank their. Piece of advice i can offer anyone is patience the NADA New Jersey 2018 discus show is proud to a. A substitute for professional medical advice laying is through environmental and behavioral changes see that when are! Spawning when compared to wild discus discus ( Symphysodon ) will generally lay her eggs in these...., though there is some debate around this a simple question, with a few days depending.

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