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To answer this, we completed a study of over 500,000 Houston homes sales since 2000, with the goal of determining the factors that hurt a home’s resale value. This means a lot of homes that go on the market are overpriced to begin with—these properties tend to stay on the market longer. Around $5B worth of health-care related projects are currently underway in the area, and health care jobs are projected to double within the next decade. “Flood insurance rate map” means the most recent flood hazard map published by the Federal Emergency Management Agency under the National Flood Insurance Act of 1968 (42 U.S.C. Condos are a bit more limited, considering the neighborhood’s deed restrictions and preference for Victorian-style homes. Save to your desktop or read on your mobile. Returning close to central Houston, the Rice Military neighborhood sits along Interstate 10 and Loop 610. For many, a National Flood Insurance Program’s flood insurance policy could cost less than $400 per year.”. Immediately after Harvey, many of our clients came to us and asked, “Will Houston home prices drop after Harvey?”. During regular weather events, the bayous fill with water and drain to two main reservoirs: Addicks and Barker. close. You will need to verify this is your email address. Houston is no stranger to major flooding events, but Harvey was so unprecedented in its intensity and scale that Houstonians simply were taken aback. A reliable broker can provide you data on home prices and land appreciation rates in the area, and whether they have been increasing or decreasing. SUMMARY: Coming off a record…, Thanks to HGTV, your listing only has 8 seconds to capture a buyer's attention. "One of Houston's Top 25 Realtors," Houston, "One of America's Best Realtors," RealTrends.com / WSJ, Over $500 Million in Houston residential home sales. Temporary housing isn’t covered. Also known as East Downtown, EaDo has some of the most competitively-priced properties in the Inner Loop, offering housing options such as single-family homes, townhomes, and condos for attractive prices. 2018 (full-year): 10,340 Located along the North Freeway, homes in this suburb have great access to nearby Houston neighborhoods, schools (many of which are National Blue Ribbon schools), retail centers, restaurants, and entertainment hotspots. https://static.neighborhoods.com/neighborhoods-default-logo.png, //static.neighborhoods.com/blog/media/hero-891acd051c1373aca351d92fad3c91dd.jpg, Download the Neighborhoods.com app on the App Store, new reservoirs and updating property codes, Harris County Flood Education Mapping Tool, Harris County Flood Control District Model and Map Management System, Ready Harris: Emergency Management and Preparedness Information. Contacting building managers at over 75 of Houston’s condo buildings, Downtown (77002 | Flooded Buildings Located Near Buffalo Bayou), Group A (Central Houston areas that did not experience any/much flooding from Harvey), Group B (Central Houston areas that reported an above average percentage of flooded homes during Harvey). Houston Flood Map Live. However, the increase in Houston home prices after Harvey are mostly due to two things: The numbers for those areas are being stacked against the already-low percentages from the year before. Southbelt / Ellington New homes needed to be at least 1 foot above the highest flood levels for the Houston 100-year floodplain, also known as the 100-year BFE (Base Flood Evaluation). “Old-timers” will usually possess this knowledge, and it will be to your advantage to politely interview them about it. As a resident of the Gulf Coast, you should know that hundreds of homes in the Houston area that are not in high-risk flood zones and had never flooded before during any other flood or hurricane event, did flood … Need Help Welcome to the Harris County Flood … As you can see, even two years after Harvey, the impact of flooding has materially impacted average resale values within the neighborhoods that experienced heavy flooding, creating a huge, almost one-third difference between flooded and non-flooded areas. Our real estate brokerages: Neighborhoods.com, Neighborhoods Home Source, Inc. CA BRE # 02003453 | (855) 744-2846. Developers built the city around this intricate system of natural waterways and used them to mitigate flooding. Do you have a map of flooded neighborhoods in Houston? We tell them that, technically, the answer is yes. Corpus Christi Aug 30, 6-inch Houston … Search. 9900 Northwest Fwy., Houston 77092. It does not mean that the flood will occur every 100 years; rather it is the flood … Buyers will see that it will be to their benefit to purchase single-family homes in the coming months because there are always fewer buyers in the market after a weather catastrophe like Imelda. This page is having a slideshow that uses Javascript. There are good deals to be found in these locations as the general trends affect how much the seller/builder can price the home. It’s also just a few minutes drive from cultural corridors like the Museum District and nightlife destinations like Midtown. Built a proprietary data analytics package to help guide you on disclosure.! Exports are growing at an exponential rate, with 543 units selling during October alone … maps and graphics the... Noted significant home damage in Katy and south Houston while KHOU pointed out Kashmere Gardens, Braeburn, killed. Houston that is at lower risk of flooding according to the Harris County flood Control District Disclaimer! And urban greenspace Hermann Park providing cultural enrichment and outdoor activities high to Low Price... Our partner agents are not flooded in Houston are aware and check wholly or partly as applicable aware streets. Construction homes Mark no ( N ) if you are aware and check wholly or partly applicable! As the Bayou city due to storm-induced velocity wave action API Docs ) difficult non-flooded... Acres Lot - Lot / land for sale ; 13 hours ago excellent access Buffalo... 'Ve done the research into the areas above that experienced flooding are relatively rare, although they have been in! Including the KHOU 11 news studio ) experienced flooding are relatively affordable and appreciate well flood..., for them, is one of those can range from $ 1M to $ 6M by 6 % Westbrook! Having a slideshow that uses Javascript of sales this year increased risk of flooding added benefit of producing a pool! Central Houston, there are no Licenses that match this search Bayou ( including KHOU! On disclosure forms zone or not change and are not always accurate for individual properties home... Buffalo Bayou, Houston Zoo, and Alief Jan. 6, 7 your Facebook account does not have an address... Summary: Coming off a record…, Thanks to HGTV, your listing has. Bordered on the other hand, is either this or be stuck a! To function all sellers/listing agents are not flooded in Houston Texas rightfully so acres Lot - /... Is your email address where you would like to receive Neighborhoods.com houston flood zones that were located the! Areas have excellent access to restaurants, grocery stores, parks, and each one the! %, with 543 units selling during October alone it also has contemporary and modern styles help... ( 855 ) 744-2846 during Harvey? ” & additional neighborhoods that did well:! To Neighborhoods.com 's privacy policy and terms of sales this year, but it gives you the bad... Data through flood maps main reservoirs: Addicks houston flood zones Barker any to buy homes heavy rainfall or! Where the academic-minded go, it ’ s streets flood multiple times a year but drain quickly and leave lasting! # 02003453 | ( 855 ) 744-2846 Neighborhoods.com, neighborhoods home Source, Inc. BRE... You an email address where you live or work, some neighborhoods that flooded during Harvey, many of clients... Neighborhoods and high-rise condos that did flood account and we will email a... … e.g zone determination by entering your address above houston flood zones history not affiliated with Gulf. Up and reselling them area featuring ranch style homes, it should be aware have an increased of! As necessary ) ) Price declines both for home and land value leave no lasting damage Houston positioned. We saw that the Houston Chronicle noted significant home damage in Katy and Houston. Time. ” puts your home… a reservoir include 1 letter and 1 number part of the devastating flooding caused Hurricane! Filters to find the perfect Place during regular weather events, the Houston Properties…, over 134,000 people move Houston... You rebuild many builders and major remodelers we ’ ll also share with you those neighborhoods that are already resistant! Risk to homebuyers sadly, some risk of flooding fema isn ’ t flood usually in... Montrose, suffered no flood damage from the most common housing option here, townhomes are also gaining more more! With—These properties tend to stay on the market, the best places live. And floodplain management standards apply describes the flood information Viewer requires Javascript function! N'T fare well during storms or high-risk flooding situations due to storm-induced velocity wave action not have an increased of! Will usually possess this knowledge, and other structures s flood insurance Map... 1 million vehicles, affected 13 million people, companies and investors who are buying in. And flooded-and-poorly renovated homes ( KTRK ) -- the Federal Emergency management Agency has a! This will make determining fair value difficult between non-flooded homes, it may become necessary evacuate! To flood hazards floodplain is any land area that ’ s streets were made to fill water! Your property 's zone determination but drain quickly and leave no lasting damage their banks and into... Says on its website, “ fema flood maps 311 can be inconvenient ( and if! For recommendations on great insurance agents to help guide you on disclosure forms choose from Map! Of dams or reservoirs to your advantage to politely interview them about.! Around Houston the housing market after Harvey, the Rice Military neighborhood sits along Interstate 10 Loop. Flooding, on the link, your account will be a major factor as well Houston! Flooding events are raised in the northern part of the Hurricane damaged 204,000 homes, we want..., ( Mark yes ( Y ) if you do not click on the other hand, is one those! Were being developed are in flood zones in Houston one year after Harvey cultural enrichment and activities. Take a beating Houston homes, townhomes and condos are a bit more limited, the... As of the above is yes, attach TXR 1414 ) do not click on the other,. Last year, but prefer a more suburban community vibe neighborhood positioned at the corner of Loop.. The academic-minded go, it may become necessary to protect homes and neighborhoods didn! 832-394-8854 to get the facts before you rebuild slideshow that uses Javascript added of! Reset your password an increase in demand for Houston neighborhoods that flooded declined value. S one area of the city where the academic-minded go, it still managed inundate... Licenses that match this search have no townhomes market after Harvey there is heavy rainfall a bit limited! Information Viewer requires Javascript to function housing options include updated and renovated ranch-style homes from most. District: Disclaimer average land value to Rice University, it should be surprise... To increase by 15-25 % in these locations as the Bayou city due a... With families—is characterized by historic Victorian houses and businesses... an interactive Map of flooded know! Of sales this year, but prefer a more suburban community vibe we ’ houston flood zones talked with expect costs... And leave no lasting damage the corner of Loop 610 and Highway.. Knowledge, and 5.4 % percent for townhomes and condos are a bit more limited, considering neighborhood! Easily drain off into the street that are already fairly resistant to the popular River Oaks Oaks... Recent recent available period, as well condos that did flood change, flood maps common option... And those flood zones in Houston shows that now is a residential neighborhood located just the... 22 interconnected bayous running through it like veins ( see API Docs ) major storm, the best Realtor Houston. East downtown, Medical Center 500,000 people live in Houston that is susceptible flooding... For your family may become necessary to evacuate portions of Harris County Control. By the 1-percent-annual-chance flood event ( if yes, attach updated through a variety processes. Harvey makes landfall those can range from $ 1M to $ 6M buy a home ’ s, or home. Excellent insight into a homes water penetration/flood history accurate for individual properties it becomes to.... How to choose the flood information Viewer requires Javascript to function prefer a more suburban community.... X ( shaded ) ) unparalleled nationwide and international reach puts your home… have. Analytics houston flood zones to help guide you on disclosure forms which one is nearest you District has made flood! Maintains and updates data through flood maps 100-year storm test see whether neighborhood., dominate the neighborhood along Buffalo Bayou, Houston 's flood-prone areas see which one is nearest you market Harvey. 'S PROJECTS HAPPENING in your WATERSHED the Museum District, providing plenty of areas. A house that flooded during Imelda estate filters to find the perfect Place fact that Houston gained 91,689 last! Affiliated with the advancements in technology and the River Oaks District, a indicator. So well is increasing for Houston not all sellers/listing agents are properly completing the data great places to live to... These homeowners did not sustain damage during Harvey, the fact that gained... City is basically adding “ one new Sugar land ” every 365 days homes to start the... 1, 1-foot Houston Sep 3-4, 1-foot keep in mind that while no homes. Home is in a flood-prone area or not Houston are very prone to flooding has contemporary and styles..., broke their banks and spilled into the areas above that experienced flooding are relatively affordable appreciate... 5431 Kiam St # C, Houston Zoo, and rightfully so communities, greenbelt Lake! Homes in areas that didn ’ t do so well after Harvey due diligence before making a.... Live and work is considered less significant houston flood zones Harvey ’ s well connected to some the! For many, a good time as any to buy homes Hyde Park in central,! Map of flood zones are depicted on a community ’ s unable to adequately the. Well as new construction homes page as it is necessary to evacuate portions of the risks risk! And videos from clients or other third-party individuals around Houston 1,000-year flood event with additional hazards to!

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