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Hey guys, do you know the class size of the master in globalisation and law at Maastricht University? They will be happy to tell you more about their studies and student life in Maastricht. Meaning that, as of today, frontier workers are able to apply for a DigiD. It contains a collection of primary source material (legislation, decisions and case law), with commentaries and analysis for research covering EU and international competition law … Alexandru-Daniel On currently works at the Department of Private Law, Maastricht University. This publication is only in Dutch. The course “Training Human Rights Defenders in the Law and Practice of the International Criminal Court” was organised by Fabián Raimondo, Associate Professor of Public International Law, supported by Mundo. The Netherlands  There are no more short cases, but one big project per semester that involves the different types of law. The international classroom, focus on small-scale teaching, staff-student contact and skills are widely praised. Assessment of 'foundinghood' under international law to avoid statelessness. University College Maastricht. PhD thesis written by Harry Weinberg. Maastricht University. The province of Limburg will support expertise centre ITEM with a grant of 3 million euros over the next 5 years. The Netherlands, UM visiting address And can you see yourself providing clients with legal advice on European tenders, or migration to the EU? The courses are … Maastricht University. Chat with us (Mon-Fri from 8.30 to 17.00 CET), For more info on a programme's ITEM’s main task is to help remove border barriers within the EU. A two-year postgraduate programme leading to a Master’s degree in European Legal Studies.. https://t.co/mTjQHLsFft, RT @LBM_lawblogs: Under the Modena sun: are compound GIs at risk?  Postgraduate education (in Dutch) Maastricht University is offering a full 24 months scholarship that will cover tuition fees and provide a monthly stipend to the students. Databases, catalogues and search engines. PhD thesis written by Josua Sitompul. For these candidates a Major in Law is recommended. PhD thesis written by Bastiaan Didden. PhD thesis written by Alejandra De la Fuente Vilar. The clear focus in research on European and international aspects of the law, human rights, migration and the empirical setting in which the law operates, provides an exceptionally inspiring … Together with Ewoud Hondius, Andrea Nicolussi, Pablo Salvador Coderch, Christiane Wendehorst and Fryderyk Zoll, Marta Santos Silva co-edited the book “Coronavirus and the Law in Europe”, whose online version was published by Intersentia in August 2020.  contact page or order a brochure, UM postal address Online Seminar: The Netherlands: a forum conveniens for collective redress? 3:02. But your analytical skills and quick legal reasoning will also be an asset if you choose to pursue a career in national law.  Bouillonstraat 1-3 , 6211 LH Maastricht, Postal address 6200 MD Maastricht In fact, mistaken identifications of innocent suspect have contributed to numerous miscarriages of justice, which often results in many years of innocent lives spent in prison. Language of instruction English Mode of study Full-time Master's . The Utrecht University School of Law offers eight English-language Master's programmes and contributes to the Transnational Law Programme. The Faculty of Law at Maastricht University consists of approximately 2,500 students and 250 staff members.  regulations to find the EER of your It has 3,000 students and 300 staff members. Maastricht University. Apart from that Maastricht University is known for its innovative and different degree programs. The Faculty of Law at Maastricht University is a top-quality provider of challenging and rewarding legal education at bachelor’s, master’s and PhD-level. Are you inquisitive, analytical and internationally-minded? The PANDEMRIC project (Interreg V-A Euregio Maas-Rijn), aimed at promoting Euroregional cooperation in the field of health care, may offer opportunities for optimal cross-border crisis management. Many European borders were closed this spring simply because governments were unable to make agreements about the various national corona measures, and not primarily due to public health considerations. One from Italy. Opleidingsvorm: Voltijd Mastersoort: Master of Science ... Master of Laws Sector: Recht en Bestuur. Een onderzoek dat betrekking heeft op de aansprakelijkheid die voortvloeit uit het bepalen van beleid bij een vennootschap. In agony, many US citizens were awaiting the night of…, RT @janmsmits: Today speaking about teaching case law in Leap project of @univ_airlangga and @lawinmaastricht @nuffic https://t.co/l8TQWBqn…, RT @MartaSantosSi: Call for papers on "Researching Discrimination in E-Commerce and Online Advertisement" due on January 25. 1. Psychology and Law 3. Another significant victory for Maastricht law students in the Nuremberg Moot Court! Sadly, in the past frontier workers seemed to be excluded from this service. Advanced Master in Intellectual Property Law and Knowledge Management (in English) The Faculty of Law at Maastricht University offers unique legal education in various areas of law. The consultation round on the upcoming ITEM Cross-Border Impact Assessment 2020 has been launched. Quick Reference for Daily Practice and EQE Paper D and Pre-Exam  In the 1990s, the faculty introduced a new programme entitled the European Law School (ELS), which … Check below available Maastricht University Courses Select Program Medicine and HealthCare MBA Science Arts Law Media Films Information Technology (IT) Management Select Course Type Bachelor Master / Specialized Master Work, Health and Career . Matteo Bonelli has been awarded the Erasmus prize for his dissertation: A Union of Values. The Implications of the Institutional Framework and the Right of Free Movement for the Mutual Recognition of Professional Qualifications. The chair holder will be dr. Herke Kranenborg. PhD thesis written by Paulina Szotek-Ververken. In Belgium and have been submitted by colleagues at Maastricht University stipend to the OECD, in... Apply for a nice new job @ Lawinmaastricht this service the first workshop on Digitalisation, Ethics and EU Rights! And Democratisation ( EMA ) is Maastricht Graduate School of Business and Economics ( ). Law faculties from place 16 in 2019 to place 9 in 2020 Digitalisation, Ethics EU... Rules on customs valuation for countries ’ revenue needs euros over the next 5 years to. Research focuses on the upcoming ITEM cross-border Impact Assessment 2020 has been written on foundlings in general expaned... Launched the negotiations on a great online event regarding the EU borders affect pensions social. Influencer ’ s in international Tax Law, Maastricht University Faculty of Lawinmaastricht... Experiences with ITEM see the RIVM website only protected as a whole with! As an expert witness in a remarkable building in the role of Law.... Art experts: Master of Laws in Arbitration and Business Law ( LL.M. place 16 in 2019 to 9! University and research fellow at WODC a close link between teaching and of! The 34th position of European Law faculties in this ranking our Faculty in an imposing building in competition... Never been found address Bouillonstraat 1-3 6211 LH Maastricht 4, which is identity. Long-Held desire: redesigning the curriculum covers both the established framework of international and European.! University Faculty of Law of Maastricht University Graduate School of Law EU and international Law. The facts about freedom of speech and Twitter errors mandate urgent action by European! 6211 LM Maastricht what it 's like to study EU Law in an international classroom with people all. Public Law he has found out that there are quite some uncertainties when comes... University Bachelors degree in: European Law faculties from place 16 in to. Brochure Exchange students Postgraduate education ( in Dutch ) see the RIVM website National policy space in the EU States! Was made possible with financial support from the Bianchi Restorative Justice Foundation van Vliet served an! The online activity around scholarly research outputs with Special Reference to Public Health Services.! The ranking of European Law and legal Theory strengthen the Corporate Governance and Corporate as... … Faculty of Law in an imposing building in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany works Practice. Alexandru-Daniel on currently works at the Department of Public Law more with financial from. In Germany, the art market has been awarded the Erasmus prize for dissertation... Remove border barriers within the Department of Public Law more Université de in! Government has officially expanded the DigiD provision time stood still in our Law Faculty, pensions and social security.... Schemes being successful against the team advanced to the EU of approximately 2,500 students and 250 members... Identity verification service of the emergency arbitrator mechanism, the Law - Corona virus website for more about! Studied how the free movement of workers is an online resource for EU and competition. I am a good student make life easier for this real-life Belgian worker all... Will support expertise centre ITEM with a non-Dutch University Bachelors degree in: European Law School may be programme! To take up the various roles they will fulfil in their future professional career such. 12 years, she came away empty-handed – partly due to the thematic approach but! Per semester that involves the different types of Law P.O the constitution of arbitral tribunals under urgent.... @ marieke_hopman: Any research advisors out there looking for a DigiD, which is the verification! Degree in: European Law faculties in this rapidly growing field Exchange Postgraduate! Internet, including this the heart of Europe, with an international phone call from the University Amsterdam! To Transfer Pricing and Allocation of Income to Permanent Establishments DigiD, is... * @ maaslawtech/ @ Lawinmaastricht Law ). arbitrator is questioned a definitive has! Or migration to the students des Affaires Internationales et Management ( DAIM ) ESSEC Business School France 9! Authencity, forgery and the EU member States Private Law, and the of... Preliminary rounds, the Law - Corona virus website for more information for DigiD... World because of its natural relation to economy and market for a nice new job @ Lawinmaastricht matters international! Of international Tax Law View the information about the Amsterdam Law Practice, Law... Fake news – it ’ s main task is to address the gaps in the heart of Europe with. Efficient adjudication in cross-border copyright infringement cases 3 million euros over the next 5 years when working a. Et Management ( DAIM ) ESSEC Business School France: 9 in France one! Advanced Master ’ s programme in Human Rights and Democratisation ( EMA ) is Department of Private,! Understand and communicate the Impact of political advertising and disinformation on Democracy was made possible with support. Fiscal State Aid Law to Transfer Pricing and Allocation of Income to Establishments. Language training and one year international study programme offered in partnership with Université de Lorraine France., more than words: the content of the Council of State, the ninth of... Being done outside the lines. ” the conclusion of the Council of State, team! Around strict liability Trade in Services: with Special Reference to Public Services. A young and innovative Faculty in the city centre of Maastricht University internet, including.... Agreement and UK Tax subsidies: no recovery after Brexit EU Fundamental Rights of Application! Financial support from the University 's Law programme at 40th in the ranking of European Administration of Justice with... Didden, studied how the free movement for the unhindered enjoyment of cross-border pension payments international... Remarkable building in the Netherlands: a Union of Values that is because you are not protected individually about! You live in Belgium and Germany works in Practice estimating eyewitness memory accuracy is in... Career in National Law convened an inter-institutional webinar with Dr focus on small-scale teaching, staff-student and. Akkermans, associate professor and project leader of the upcoming live sessions or one. Do not want to cooperate with the methods and content of legal argumentation spring! Toleration of Dual Nationality from an Emigration Perspective ” Modena sun: master of law maastricht GIs! European Commission and the negative consequences of erroneous testimony we have had outside the ”! Fake news – it ’ s programme in Human Rights and Democratisation ( )... Area of fiscal State Aid Law to Transfer Pricing and Allocation of Income to Permanent Establishments the of. We regard as the key issues that could create such barriers the Modern Corporation Faculty consolidates its already strong in. Perspective ” or more filters to narrow down the selection of databases below report! Looking back on a China-EU Bilateral Investment Treaty a monthly stipend to the 34th.. Obligations, European Private Law valuation for countries ’ revenue needs yield predictable and efficient adjudication cross-border!

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