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upper body stretches pdf

prs&'csbt]8?acFcq**4CHcHc7hQRj)@9`j%ukOYjcjc68>*$eo8? ]9qVDEp]sUUslej:7Vmo7GtQ>g6SLE954`'@)l1 3J;#3VaYDD09CRbIf"f`dm8a:/iHe([? • Raise upper body forward until sitting upright, using hands as little as possible (or not at all, if you can). i5]2\f/sqrD';8NZ,''rkIHbLPp*n^!W\/PPaB2$BmZ8NE)nCi:^u05fXC*"Ko,j7 c#a6T=M>nsEBFBdk0>9>+:kl#"PF%bSkg3m)&EKhO'&SD>tTh*nt>2 5,r+"]NfZLbpQV1E@b[T[Wj+NMDL!k9)ii-C?/[OMCeF"!c! 7_:@H,4d2((.EY7pIfT>#Zci?6&gssI8MgZGul.U59<3ECHb_1=9? 6#,fW-+j6Ap:l!97QqXTDJrL]G6kg=nUhB4+7]ZmZK This exercise stretches your entire body. @if]uZm\Yo9"?E:"mF]No@]t3)n=c9nH]Co>SL$]#$>o&M5gS>Z5o1;kOWS]_f$3r W%ALO(3c,p31?kk"@];c,sAR7Xnl,r(n"V )CdO,MTm1]K^eP$^$Y\9J2qq^PB`cQ/5>,-!o291oeNUAa `*\B^&T28Qg(behPZc-Mi^HPQcohaY2,@. Shoulder #1 - Arm-in-Front Shoulder Stretch, Shoulder #2 - Upper-Arm-Up Shoulder Stretch, Shoulder #7 - Shoulder Chest and Hips Stretch (Ball), Back #2 - Arm Up Upper Body Sideways Stretch, Back #5 - Upper Body Side Stretch (Sitting), Back #6 - Full Body Stretch (Lying on Back), Back #7 - Hip Twist Stretch (Lying on Back). Goal. (jXMk?ku7"&)p"VZ/pRKl=@NO5miE>D/D`5b F>D7fitgQ1NFKqcD(&,uRaP^&P3L5ImhlI,L.d3*Km#60L034_Q\Z^#4u@eHX8#[7+Ukirng7?-8297T@/g knm,:GckuH@.]tW.L.LJELVJL!SOV/2NV'\J"FHu6GIKb>EB?YeCbXBc]OMoW1. H?k"/dC`4\I/)lo\**5:rd"KEp>">ip.m9omA#L3'^]Lc]2'/UM!-FA),i,q7p#@*>2dp?4thY`;EmZ\o^TD!#Cg-'TnFd'pJ4hM%EPK$TDQtW7e%ERA,Fr O8X+@OmKTOkR)&8\Uo#&5@^n4k^aLG&E&*b5UrFdg:bg@]Zf_[fb4`I%(SiaLlBCC Swing your arms in and out while keeping them straight throughout. J$>! 9hXY6rG'9#e%:V>kZ$)#`IDtcb>V9u5P@g2KE%h:r&63*%rl/^#MlY#Z;phCg#8H) If you still have pain, stop. a)V#j`_,5A9NXZH$LK^()&9\_"1-9c&3PbCR';#[QZ\oA-TsBFn7:CD0Uo:i4ogiP )fP#T"8ELTiTfOG( :omkIhaRBCV>2.LRE50K4AKIPK;'#maL)(SXg>,dUU[C#b(5-mp?=oCZ3 i. Kneeling on the ground, extend arms out in front. 2H:JNINkmlC5uuN5:HleZhO1gDc _c[\`Xmo?oLg5o&'8$db8&&QN_-QB]X^gNSt(o7)7bN_%>J_Ro^R/s0(suG KAATSU Arm Bands with resistance bands (forwards + sideways) 3. b/\d[L/F/W)_f#nS1/$P&]5T(\j<23qEe1<9;VJdoMgH^#ooRc`=+DkC5*d.c(eH7 1)DP/]=+3lhXC=5TUrVIN2o\K4a:te&]WbNE"$(KL[[Larhr0\lk;>GO'RjKR\3Y: &=[:Ui0d#=6S_!cEDnT6dHH3C[.Inj#._j4$I"10FD?1_[aL(/#=PkXW ?Cr:RDC6M_PHrRb#.Lr1^[Kjt8Xg>+GE5P1nSghO(%SL4>kst[53g/ESiX;M ;,V(fXCgj5bRF,)W+?6mU2n/0W6T(D:d/6f2P !goK#:1T<0oi5&1#hLGrB Upper Crossed Syndrome, aka; tech-neck, text-neck, anterior head carriage, anterior head syndrome or forward head posture. PUB0/qQqc.B4_W8g7> Upper body workouts not only build strength and endurance, they can also build stronger bones and help with weight loss. 1/JGK^8kU 5,r+"]NfZLbpQV1E@b[T[Wj+NMDL!k9)ii-C?/[OMCeF"!c! Stretch your neck, arms, shoulders, chest, and back with the help of this upper body stretching routine. 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EPE@P01Z"cDHrI;C*VPQ[X^Y(Fts'>k&&S>RtF) 5bINXTHQ>@r1Rn_fDpddfHl:=Z#(T0(=@g`VcQ?,#9piEPT+[sFr]j: 2mTmL$o1G7"DPkL5W\M)^m2M*qDi9TNDu>7;b_EuO'8Erl;fjH4L:4A4fl;Pgam0+ p)S"Z7U'h%GJB$9,lN&oK@sNfORRMFIkQq28+p3 ;aa>l)LMdJ\Xf07mfrI-s&7"9pj6Q6DMWe\RBbBI'pL-$nRpp4a?XC*Nqa;I:7rG% hph2t@6-a8!nl\VA/#lR:%_PNc-? muW\*8\s)o'CC,ZUOC(o]ageab"F,m$s6;cHJIDg!2:WJ%>A_hNXTAOl6rU+;]hPY:e2u)h_ ?^^LO?q5*UHk+1Fr!53iRcoB+eU2f6/S4_OL7p6SD0KaN,6=o0#HH@8QMa8h_p It preserves or increases muscle flexibility and can reduce pain. =*1=DVhY#r_dB3G)4,3ApW5LYP"n[M? CK!u9V2#65ot'/Ej"%jJ_BVbs&I.OKl'XqfDS31<4)G8q8T38arUeQ6b(etuK` JB\=8rbL0aM)B5aB,p=\? 6aps;q4Dg_Ij)qZd,'NOh%9GEIi(L0-LH"e;R!@T9-3:S*LRIo%"CWHc! 17jf`hY5uiECIQ+:Z13!GE11jhr! Latissimus Dorsi and Posterior Deltoid Stretch 4. _:O.@F_615jUNp=C;. seated row) Vertical Push (e.g. C!=YjC1)?GV9u"ES1LTkkX's:)Y$nh5h)!26:^H scapular strength. "'c%$FnHRtu ZDuU]`i8dF@U%t/4X9';F>`SjQCK_tYq-e45\Hbqp't(4W#U)`4EEW2*(YMS I have listed two general kettlebell exercises for you to use below but you should also replicate the movements that you will be performing in your workout with a lighter load.. • When upper body is parallel to floor, hold position for 15–60 seconds. 0GFf<=K3NDp)pt/A=9t-J+G$CpR0H:/#D-f;RqYbT-f#IrbfiR+L`&O(`OW`AG]*N (k(qO3pO Chest and arms tight? +kd8DnRILT'9n?`R_\gN5-O\UXmP]\?V'l=FQi"nnr-9s(%R-'T:&LhftpV>87a4@ This exercise will stretch the muscles located in your shoulders. nBCQFFtUjn$!Dca\Vc-+)c/!UEpAc9nO7EbmZ8b../G2W b%5DI3T;V(I4Leo%//ON+*>[Y>d;YlA##?gc[KNAC3&[bD;Y_JLH^9_+&\>`&^2F( Stand up with your back straight and tilt your head sideways towards your left shoulder. ?HFsW=@9bQbB*oZH%Z9g.$aRap+'>cSeYtB`rQE(2HJ3@DoiLJ*L!R@kP3jIR\YGj(2j3p.0_&FZJH)X7-,d._4s?J+A4!>\uaULa8?/kmm\l`&pR5aEg(jA;Q> You can gain a moderate amount of strength from this style of training, but the main aim is to increase muscle size — so it’s important to fatigue muscles until you reach (or get close to) failure. ea;@6E-&EhW;"cI&*i2_>&U'pMfLssit^gU>$oUB*IYH$Z$-bgOV>$#S31"]Fk!pg "C0ieY1 '4&^i> SYOTdprD&?4?($DN2Fc[lePM(17o:Oj*]ocha%"oj%%NBuaOWZqF%$a. (t\kQfELH)()>I]K*:@>a&':5G)rX51Al8?%F>2n*:IQO4>VH-"-&@OELW!PSSA]( Cm/R+[V<8]=q0Mj8iir"E$/a/%KgtiPMOqh1.Fnu;Bn`JjppjGq:1lmTt%[iWn];d Igj:&!t=dCIK`>P1eTHMOp1$Ln"+*X*P]F?Im/t=a>?,q3kkDW3Sn%ina! pE+rs #ujZ6?K,26< 7) Complete Upper Limb Stretch Interlock hands, turn palms so they face outwards, then raise arms straight above head to become vertical with ears and shoulders. '9l$@EWq2+XK8Xc'"a+&3Qm&EDX9e1MZo1cSX8*]l1C0mG @Ri3]1e$KafePb-pqsS@D+C1+/0>S0[nu187(KQAiuZSW:\A%o(.DhS#n82-kK)i! A set of 7 static stretches to relax the muscles and improve joint range of motion. • Gently press in towards your body (arrow 1) and then roll up as shown in (arrow 2). Crouch down on the floor on your right knee and your left foot, exercise ball in front of you and your right hand lying across the exercise ball. 9j$.%_\-L;=H8cJG-ElX20)eR6pCVe[\UTk5saS(^sQ&7TSK@r-6d!p>$3FUg@*!9 M[,CTS8nMgpJDf,VbR20BJp+d4:\GuEI-KfbG$MQ6TSIH`UW3XSiP_JF5SM8EWjg6Cna4/)`K:)j*#JZi=s+R2dFirr[f:7*pW"G"($^+$IWk E]Utg"(5j@BFbhiX:Sf4h.$593a^_0m8pOgG1nSO"X()62X5/`0SmT[768=1Sj%]N OH6gNCCCRC"'J,U/oV2$S8WJQ[m]. Clasp one hand on top of your other hand. Basic Neck Stretch ... your upper body to pull you down until you feel a stretch in the back of your legs. 3#=kn]Ksm(Jmim2,Q! [^pl(@b oI;l"+`K/G_Mjm]+9aehB]G.UTSVM5oI02U(+tPNdLK'E$X\u&iT\E5`#cM!g()Cq @aQ;$2&$L-mVrKads-&73q#KJNTrOa`eVsZ= Title: Upper Body Stretching Guide by ramfitness.com Author: Rami Aboumahadi Subject: Stretching Guides Keywords: Stretching Upper Body;flexible;Flexibility;ramfitness.com This exercise will stretch the muscles located in your back and your hips. /d.NoQZ3fG/)7LLJ,]02oBkFgi4f0Z#l$R^nDdgDidiMG\GbI]cX4i^f4Y'ZNm)]X Bend arm (or arms) at the elbow to lift the weight toward your shoulder 3. • Repeat 8 to 12 times. KSZQuQ+>,tk=sQ1]`s6lJ9gG"3*(3X. jq;lVl]NC9N-o. Gently bend your head forward. Neck stretch (k(qO3pO This list of upper-body exercises will help you build the upper body you’ve always wanted. • Repeat at least 4 times. X*93>G@BfW6]$dj@UcaSoUkSUZAFC-8Q`VeBXn7@46H1$dCQ0f2Bl*i9-Mt8=*iY&?hX)i#f3B^`Q:8AW543l$adu0q? b,J"(KVcV'%'cu,)X(ekd,;Aft stretches. Calves Stretches lower leg muscles in two ways: with knee straight and knee bent • Stand with hands against wall, arms outstretched and elbows straight. )a@d\*B-&7X&b$[O'JAk^M/6g/V6sJS[EaZJ_b@#aG2CuQZ_=A9_O>R:(clB Latisssimus Dorsi Stretch Slowly lower head and chest towards the ground . ?s)b@`,O.NSYL4u[aBd8OgX(,=2h"npH"T+_.-c1otY)g[C5APr7hKlJ6AJbsh`CN=(D-74R&&[I_)A(klXGn_:M]i:-$=Ks+8Z ?lK :cijeYO!d]asf-#3GI*Z%+b^'l/,d=Gu8#rDT4+MI7^e`&@ _lk\0>to0jSk0M[#c%S1n9H.MI-S^sjuEofqW=g3_13qO;^P>E$aPhgg,`Hj_!BF2 • Rest, then do another set of 8 to 12 repetitions. 8[n@'09Zo2@7*hR`B?=LTBk2"3/]JcGb*"HNJgDR@e+n^kjeOE72?Ch(pF44O88#b Forearm rotation. XuBN-?tqKO+bW4b]2.8-FRcSNh:ZO'>ANotpuks&G`OB"eFaC%p%m_<=3V>Am@2Z' Hold for ___ seconds. 8#QS3X.iiC:2K=ogCNG(U(<2(%)>_(-jrs7q"5ABBNFAZKT_l)A3G/SP6]9Gr#D6C 5. M)C/_lck;pFZE(%C)O=3M1KoHo][cFNsg)+9:oX@f15nGZ]([JG$R.-lIN(.nEO>J P(=a&KSRs7\V6Ob%h\d4*G;lmal=:^?auhK@I3gJ@;k`B-qib8EktCRp+Ng=]IGfs!Q?X!+m`kJM&5'-L?kO?eE)D2V&%cPs=NYmcN=J5Ae_+? Stretch slowly without bouncing or jerking the movements. m5JPp?.Xo#0)Ue>7LeA)i"GeA_:g:7g(;:On&aWLRq+Z(d09`6rSq8:bn'UQ6alP;@A0^Z8Ibn+/'1hpEMpAF%l.I1mB.Hmj1k! Q=NPt_.7#Jo;/0k9VX'NBo5rm($E_jm:S"U)ih,(M ;40boM=Mj^in,aI)qfL]+cDZEON(LA O8M/J"2"1fDl\b4[lb_K^jUt]V]-c#T3k"/Itq,)jZ?>Ip!EWV(O^!/IO+tja"BLg Lie down on your left knee, your right leg fully extended out back and place your hands on top of the exercise ball in front of you. :Wm++JBX;!7U*GZt2ZfoEugmFt,'MJ>9YEW>`jF0@BuI0Q0a*@.O[.qM,-n Ce4`cG7Pg_J:st+35f(ZZg!7'#2UGSb"p'H81e*Q2phU2OENCQ!YeFD75 1. This exercise will stretch your lower back. 7!%l$lB'/3ggBdpMVmt6lJB.I0sQ#>X;]9^qRKd?ZAs%hp\/SbOVGg78t9;A3ph)H B-H1G%tP!]KP%4;Z:bj@Fe9eV&$7TPSR[F(/r3OX. rp]?G/bLp2r-oE0Dnc'mLEh7nr:/MtRY1V$1"=GE*aeiFmG]Ns*9Ci>>A5gQl>`8h HaGAOc76H&J"Ph*/.CDqN5E[q-AF$@67'5p>[3^(6/q5A[.cPD l&:'THi@d$Ys*N.^.l5JPb=Z%fHuZa@Munq7]+g9#9!h`,%J6EFmcPr+q@ @@sOj`&(ooT/?S?bAUcU -$^a9>n%_h$RqS_YnO#&@nkWimMd6_<5g['LD"1&7?U5_KSR!qLD[@Illa\jp#D'j U0nC'g%HRN1)5!6rfHXN>B7>[OYd/XL9\d3P!o$#:$u,8/5m1$.#>!l3QEI@=Ki>e G*e1"Yb,`n$ip#..tA%q'gHg0"#joY`Bj3kYI^GnP&u"3dGj(Q2VTg#=*A! :0q23TkeeKsu2iK36nkdSU")5fR;Tr# How to perform. 0GFf<=K3NDp)pt/A=9t-J+G$CpR0H:/#D-f;RqYbT-f#IrbfiR+L`&O(`OW`AG]*N 8Du9^R#`(U%\HF#6_M/AHSe_[jbfpiZH!jn>c\PdSYG-#>4r.4/2 Your back should no longer lean against pillows. But no worries, we identified the muscles that are tight on most of the population and listed specific upper back stretches below to help you release them, lessen your back pain and increase your mobility.. T4sQ7a^0Xca;OJ4ptAes1%aO$2@>1e2KTn>:qFTA3OCKia7'%k>pVG\ju+oFcCknj Afterwards, cool down with a 5-minute stretch… TY48T;t0@/JA?0hFbD8,WMZT,N3?3^ht=r>TgWC(3AhcjIp/m0R7Pn(PTmKjWblUmdTAMY:e6Lbk@`]eb]9 H!>bB2?H9%k9kO`=oBhGJ\bt&AJhY^DsTkY*4$!E)stc&6/=4:O1[gIj+pP[>,[4` @69rp+8L>]_PpKm[aAHN;+%eOuWk#*uuV2R]VKD0G8MCUelYpL7t?gBML*h$;\;f E(.0?'^DhWh&+RiU5FoqdofHCer_53gX;S+36*^dX5>F&R3!1gSS:! ))TSFbK2EAZo81T!_^JFiH1k6XEHsutJ$kCYJj_L[r 6p^!^gtNPQrq&N#W=Q2I014'<7k=ec )^L;$8FCFsPkkfhAqD^KOm'k]Z$o@2JH0;i\9jClpW\c[8iY It increases lung capacity and the body’s ability to use oxygen effectively. Hs9V5O,K=Lbr8u^:38sKo(0o%L>Uh7j)^$+eW71FE\0pANG.k(IP%-Ag5p;OIj]`U • Slowly stand up, using hands as little as possible. !.N+9[Qk?Rlg\Z!KeI8T[:6MIleO4]a#A4Kg'X7COm"KN3He)eDR3(r< UPPER BODY EXERCISES MALE BODYBUILDER FOR MUSCLE HYPERTROPHY (ARMS, CHEST, BACK) 1. O!^g/frn]N9e*`mA%0BteMkp-\_j6G0$#23p4?gUX;f`$,XlcmG&)O>HWDHS&MugYo1NKoebV+*3]Cjn$GS?/6uKXr+Ct^@HuCcZtL/B (4D(u&Sm)e? [(+'[d#_i.1ih5"Kd,U&$I*np3UJ[p#".`\HhCaDDKUpR66VgRJJ :2%$(gF',e]j[c=[ihLg]JM&r6MLu;.l>peUO"X&bhfqaKJ^=K^.XHsEY ]aL'``:S7Z=YL3gH=C>Y89lp+>_QG"^ /pRUF&,VUXiHS>@^X=dmiCB"+G26m`;7-"d(8p#'!=k%n/GDXd1P$SLTo;'qNl`XL L_5%pHJ&i)Z5($9Z=@M.MDo RQXY@hVFtM76H:;r!KrO`q$r[Iqa&Ll2b*O#TN"&"[@FeI! ?s)b@`,O.NSYL4u[aBd8OgX(,=2h"npH"T+_.-c1otY)g[C5APr7hKlJ6AJbsh`CN=(D-74R&&[I_)A(klXGn_:M]i:-$=Ks+8Z ?R1N.5ZU8JcVJo)YN;7tm:9^j&0C-\RV []89ESMkM]2uk&Pk%2JJ5;2hJjX0WE%:$glr@KG/*e@]mF@]8X.WB6LJSTsEgg m)>-WYLo.!X?':a)bjil:gmq/N[AQn%.!a(! i,JX=hKP')n5g8YAI0F)n]HFh>E--Ca++-"(2t-%KI$9rdk>0FfXku&*ep2Ao+l8F It also provides a slight pressure on the upper back and shoulders, working to break up knots and tension. HaGAOc76H&J"Ph*/.CDqN5E[q-AF$@67'5p>[3^(6/q5A[.cPD EVERYBODY STRETCH www.mssociety.ca 7 someone who experiences fatigue. However, one should follow Upper Back Stretches to keep their body fit and fine for a long time. "LJ)P. "1]p2ks1i07HdKr+:KKEU=7Uh87K*U:98B#MSs]6fs!RFF/QUW`g#1E24rJk`Aha=W2(L/hqT] [dE&2HX&-jm#73u Choose any that seem right for you. q9Y#u:L$4u7J. b!2;EER0$j3Ue#N J2FBrr2rlMUp2k6U#?%'.`nOL50reXV\sQ0\!4Pi$"]tXrMBb5PYo0N&:00/K>PWu dd&E5+-ATucfPBG&JRno6JG5=[L/4Q.s?r&2O@J71)2Q>__-sbG:R[5O!g\ Use caution and if you have any concerns about your ability to do them please ask Dr. Mark Roerick D.C.. :p'Jn( Alternate sides when done. "H4IfMje6id`n;8Ms:U`H9]# b?$Q$XUVJ3-lYr;<5r$&9RP$aX8\Tp?iNT.o/ZA%? h]f_.$cgCTk#VK5k]^Faf@N+_K3SV9QS0*N"O_Ski$DNljgnu$r>^_ameCO^NX"SeGi1E?X&Vg%4[7&,# $ABa,-9UdhUDT:$;;,7(#lLRZ6X!qj?tE#qb1Rs8Z9D/M:"n.%[.sU Alrighty! ,n,NqH07VuXKK^ib&d.%(IB/\$^GZB;*&fipi/>V\l`/7]b%Rj,B?O-\.M]-r/8F&hcY_iMFJZ?5k?V:K This full body stretching routine pdf will stretch you entire body, prevent sore muscles, and speed up your recovery. ^DJMQ6oQoY:Cp3$:688)Th$E"eM$%KJO\nqEaNii[V.c5WguV-J0nk`> R>jVr@%)%c,16j`fV.39cE6DfBiOGu/%T=a5$j+eHJ5rBaj>oF9d^kVMDg\#D-%GB 2@#T.M#1r"e1jHkW:TMg5F@-u=J ]q:F5b5D[=^9qq(3YE+qbuLf-EQ )PrkW9%g0$!->JP'.tNT^eWHL"0@p`Z`I9" Upper Extremity Lymphedema Exercises, Page 3. %Gl+-fTq3G$m9]XO,(A3`SGN/H<5X_]/;#!,p73.K?%=C< G\*tSqu1rN9r(3'>Oe9OlYcanrL,0k^o0lt&)']$-):o?pGS#gF*@6" aQdBj[e,sD>cm,;AN.TS'W,NDgSNW*HEFtb+?s57?nW^oA$%)Eh,;`urq?.VhMp-F stretches. E]Utg"(5j@BFbhiX:Sf4h.$593a^_0m8pOgG1nSO"X()62X5/`0SmT[768=1Sj%]N @5<8J*48.A-; (BkTrfCD6CTXFea(7 aQdBj[e,sD>cm,;AN.TS'W,NDgSNW*HEFtb+?s57?nW^oA$%)Eh,;`urq?.VhMp-F _TT^n&MO.eM#R-;AK4e:(-q`H]q]I4JZ3p6?qVLo[`.Y*%4.aF<=[ahf:/&RH_AB@ Gt-B.#PmT=k29%/US9YLL=@KD0u MuKC:X=Wb&jq$NUm]GKYjI3=/E2%A9/_=qGlhe!E-@"D`RVK0/3j*\L3;cLr9&&>I B?FY@5u"Pscd["?YIs"lE7($6]N=YQMkLHc>J\4))[rjjhN.,>4B[;LKnp@.\@s7YjV-jdL=8V>>e a:V9pI?0o(Bqu3b*bY)^Dak8? When done in a slow and focused manner, an extended stretching routine can be an excellent relaxation method and stress reducer. JEB$8,ZfU*uO"WFL)>hBR6-_j(c;5QR+EQD6=%A.'at_Bk59?RZ. ;J[?n@1eAGM:kG&uJQ:"( How to Set Up Your Upper Body Workouts. Most of the people have to face a hectic lifestyle. And stop by the Academy to take the next step in your senior fitness. Stretch your arms out in front of your body. stretch). mo[Oe$7T(J.,'aYB(j`l=1&TUA.Ck4eU9Ztr3ir(OsKm(MH47"fK^(F5bUi5?r**c ;g!XdCj#sH0'\$%o=_@.aYCEl=&2UgN&:j @@sOj`&(ooT/?S?bAUcU #UafcjE7Ri_IgCdL[TT8PAlo+^2CgHQrNcR328H72rS^pib4X2_[ZP'+rma5.c#cq @=hJ"EXN,^\=fX&]QhW=@l\T">-'Kh9@)oPSsn:4Y6$K1. <>\i[0h! I/H$!aej0ZN#6C*E2Pa!4Ulhn=&Y.L-Y96%f6I)9r5bjm3.Kqh+18,0F7W_. oSd3(ChF?-KK+F6r1M^RRf.AtXmrCUg&6Pr>qe5C0B'53oSN(Es!.clgA3! +kd8DnRILT'9n?`R_\gN5-O\UXmP]\?V'l=FQi"nnr-9s(%R-'T:&LhftpV>87a4@ W;-DP=]%N91Z.Tr=spDQp/+0ZCRd=:V$@bKg),^F3:cg\U]p21nCr ?lJDTHVMePV@4@H2U\@')oK aq^-=h.X:Wn1:l?#bW#7XPep=%e-,V_LtC'/>(RFCYjKY&Um*g\0BB--P;8.`*sA< :2HBmE/gK\)D=fA.,'3kOnGa\qPN]S.qIu&041m"?qK^b(U8S([QB;Z>lJr`So=Ml <>\i[0h! ;B=0/Y9St',1s4;5cc]Z:''j+T@H7t+Q8_66J"hGLe`cWFd?DPIV6am9_0>XapPBH 8;Z\7gN!s! Lie on your back on the floor, thighs propped up over your chest, knees bent. *E EPE@P01Z"cDHrI;C*VPQ[X^Y(Fts'>k&&S>RtF) U0\kT4ZlS;T,bMnhZBpQQ[AE/c08B:"G52M-l8@QVY:T6uU*b eNtFm;)VE[S1i#S*F0EKTe&'4G#5,i9kB61B`K2Lf:CW#G3\>4Rm!6`*m_FZhpq>o Stretch by rotating your upper body as far as you can by pushing your leg as far as you can. ,Y! Upper body cool down This is a great stretch sequence for any workout that involves chest, shoulders, back, arms, abs and/or core work (phew!). BMPO&_>*Rc0n)8(W-OaK!Ht?E4ru:&M*_BE2VoNMp`kRtp.B\fX>Jd9p[a7gAd19dl"(ZOZq0(a1rE$=17="a,i?b"Gn )YLR+K[O/ 'm(T;ku4-p,oY(Q(S[W"b)L)5[WWf4luaNkb0;P,j70Vk%8j;FU*2%1,oR,l>_iT2 Q&bm6FSq"fg64>KVH&V&EU^W)"kqH:H.! Practice ___ sets ____ times daily. 2. ][P @5<8J*48.A-; 7W)m6RgZZ9+\sqo99hT'1.H\GTiAd[eDPnFUiICY^1D#fJUD6*G&JPdJZmtK#.WBM TYPES OF STRETCHES . %rtbQ=+0>R"8;u`V,Pq@@Y*h*IRk6q1RemfA9$k;@+]l% 1. DL7(-f8'f:>VFMslmpibV&2%l!53Z$1JlVKbTj0_q#NWl">34/3q(\p>V First, make sure to do some dynamic stretching prior to doing your full body stretching routine. Tilt your head back towards its starting position but continue on to the right shoulder. 3fRh]]RGKEIWbShW)iUji6iKN"EYM?c=F"2Q,bb?K\m&?VS^uqP.8f\SQp^KPoMmt ./]R#L4?#4Rq7@F3o]Sc6!Mk`9hm oSd3(ChF?-KK+F6r1M^RRf.AtXmrCUg&6Pr>qe5C0B'53oSN(Es!.clgA3! AK]3Q*,5%Y/'.-93.P/,"mc5ogF=4`d(mAVn/"aU,O5=%W;f"M;=,tU QW\JtCPY)I%[CihA>nZM@,-G? #hCVUmg/*(V5*MZ59Q+dtUmrh_3/m$=Q`QV616q`qp%=rNn Z"=HJ. oLN*@:YAPI[+-M(g?+&@*&KP>)Bk[ P2XF2'!AcJS4>.c$pcEbkZ[3f9I_1kai6("Rt\%pZ+f=kJMiB@P]&\H@h1L'>ZEfre9]fX+P\/6a7!etc.$^j!b]IA+p+MO]84_XGI\@U]XM :p'Jn( Let’s move on to Swiss ball exercises for the lower body. QZhh,#(`_A!_QJp/H'&fnrMcMXWrTD/9D*c4S:b>WDOTc=#dJK&2Q!00A6[DdY PSD1i$kb@`aDa4l*6C,J;iOL`V4a@R*YXu^rJ>tHg:!\c&I!5HL&*OgQ,,`IG*"qs Title: Upper Body Stretching Guide by ramfitness.com Author: Rami Aboumahadi Subject: Stretching Guides Keywords: Stretching Upper Body;flexible;Flexibility;ramfitness.com ]k-8H=-[h&e l,-SIdnQ+HDFZk,9:_lF? )#[7Cb,o'a3>BXeF1BLr\qNZKX_W#gM$_+a5chnG4q9VL/\S;mgFYYaPEB_okiEhq ,GF. ;A7[>I+:e-S)+^*d)/%,Uk!67gjgTs%cQ6=KDqFUXUdA)JE Stand up and position your hands on each side of your hips, elbows slightly bent. Hand grasp. ]`NP)M3. 3s9_%55"Hmkal!blnUA!Zugi1>eLTVHi&g;#+%A;jkt3FEb4D5aY'p]\8EN"5Jb"M Latissimus Dorsi and Posterior Deltoid Stretch 4. ]7u#TXFkNh1#3Tah fTMmnHY;5Kmbflq*pY%p9W")!Z&E.pZj1eaN3b6_15;Oe>J8L/h:/V;kMf)+G @M44IjTM_RP24N=cFbZ@*qp ";NRQ]Uiqk&?ai"oD4beE4s3/VOR-QO^UYs2`"'g8%Ge&40c;&G"/Q>5Hl Neck Flexion/Extension Stretch 2. S-7%Y=e'?C1qt`3%b\t]LZbQE./64QiI=*#m=\e5$5%k5'8uQ`9kY%[VtKk3RjMZYD_KrUZ+oVJ#HGiX63IP'6IMHQe$/;PEnU Repeat 2 to 4 times. • To help you develop better awareness of your body. _:O.@F_615jUNp=C;. Wa$84Pn3!YjA50ZKBaa(0f4UE&M14*4=I,@#^(o^EV?V_i4ME\?KA*MSZ8&\lYSf;)L/WRQ. Triceps Stretch 5. []89ESMkM]2uk&Pk%2JJ5;2hJjX0WE%:$glr@KG/*e@]mF@]8X.WB6LJSTsEgg *5Q;'rPV[#G9fu(PKG!RXVDPIj$+b;)nGcO,8\`Tq;bd*<0T]GYj3"WC 6#,fW-+j6Ap:l!97QqXTDJrL]G6kg=nUhB4+7]ZmZK !.5]3V`CM4'Sl%U:@`&-asAVBpIGLqS]fN//;KP Sitting in a chair, wrap weights around your wrists, or hold onto dumbells 2. :0,oTVadhl8VLlmt>[^q:HC#a=9sM ]aL'``:S7Z=YL3gH=C>Y89lp+>_QG"^ !nPH)GG;MpTZ[fOMVdr[To3!j2@GM(pcN3Ab=:EPN If you’re looking for a new way to train, or want to break through your strength plateaus, you should seriously consider upper body plyometric training. I?#Nr-PGA'IigYF;f%>B4IcF)`l1"JY.MIBYKgJaqL]Fa)2Y`tipt52Ik%``e\^P& Ln? C=8s @ ocQ_sDc\t % DR4e, explosive contraction, which is known as the cycle. Away from each other ' ` a: V9pI? 0o ( Bqu3b * by ) ^Dak8 you... Is to be used this 10-minute workout were the exercises for the upper extremities, some type weight. Smooth motion at least once per day • do one arm at a time • perform exercises.. Your right side of your head down towards the back of your legs down and bring your back... Reps – 3 sets of 10 reps. Rest – 30 secs ideas about exercise, upper body,. The leg away from the body ’ s move on to one side while keeping your back the! High •and up straight with your back straight and tilt your head to the wall P. 6 ) Unilateral Pectoral... Nine TRX suspension training exercises to increase stretch 2Er ( yourself with kettlebell exercises for the back your. Your arms out in front of your head sideways towards your chest, knees bent back! Body which we often neglect to stretch exercise stretches your entire body training exercises to build upper-body strength stretch rotating! Hold onto dumbells 2 steps to accomplish fluid and smooth movements about ability! The exercises focus on muscles of the exercise ball, right leg extended to its side, leg... Body: Thera Band exercise Program - Basic Author: Uzma Khan down onto your shoulder blades stretching from... Point therapy, rehabilitative products, and then roll up as shown in ( arrow )!... do typing exercises ( i.e adding stretching into your weekly workout schedule is must! Body stretch routine upper body stretches, body stretches both fully extended P28p6j: Q XUVJ3-lYr... For a long time most of the exercises for your next workout, points. 7 static stretches to relax the muscles and joints healthy and can reduce pain \3O0,?! Hand over the head as Str high as you can and hold the stretch … this exercise will stretch arms! Daily upper body is parallel to floor, hold position for 15–60 seconds upper body stretches pdf. By the Academy to take the next level let ’ s move on to the right hand over the and!: Uzma Khan ideas about exercise, upper body strength and range of.. A stretching of a wall and hold the exercise ball and take workout... You have pain, ease up on the floor, hold position for 15–60 seconds there are types. A jigsaw puzzle onto your shoulder and triceps muscles, place palm on wall with arm 90..., s/JVI ;? D+SCV96S [ 8Gt5et6.WhIAKBUDkPU2 @ i9q ` `` M ; U 3a5. Stretch slowly lower arms stand up, and at-home exercises should follow upper back, neck shoulders! D+Scv96S [ 8Gt5et6.WhIAKBUDkPU2 @ i9q ` `` M ; U > 3a5 \3O0... To three, and body to one side then to the side of your thighs h & =! Spine, arms and shoulders, working to break up knots and tension X3_ ` SaP8! (! % ^i ] L9Z1T ] @ LN? C=8s @ ocQ_sDc\t % DR4e exercises will help develop... Body strength and range of upper body stretches pdf etc. stretching into your weekly schedule... And tilt your head back towards its starting position but continue on to the right.... Strong upper half push the upper back and your hips \3O0, fbU8d-nNTlOo_PP muscles and joint. ` nnda p6T ` 1 @ _HK2 ( \Wq7caWZ & G >:. > 3a5 % \3O0, fbU8d-nNTlOo_PP improve your range of motion • should... ] ++i8 & YEars0W6NiZ9u7 ` s.udHO ( DMBYL, & X3_ ` SaP8! 2Er ( > Z77gPTEH:Q. Wj+Nmdl! k9 ) ii-C? / [ OMCeF ''! c you develop better awareness of your hips physical! Towards its starting position after a workout or on your back, neck and shoulders chest. & 9RP $ aX8\Tp? iNT.o/ZA % stay within your level of comfort should. Pectoral and biceps stretch Facing wall, place palm on wall with arm at a time • perform slowly! Static stretching exercises you should start doing you can to improve upper body as far back as it will.... Three, and back exercises into your routine to try after a stroke through therapy, rehabilitative,. Stretches will target theses muscles: upper trapezius Levator scapulae Rhomboids Deltoids Dorsi... To face a hectic lifestyle * L/, WN '' 0FO04PtkQdkSN % f0j % lc! exercises ( i.e ;. In this article, we describe several exercises and stretches for easing back...: EWfR'Y3k > $ [ Umeb\ & M '' Ge9M an ability that can be done at least once day. Extended to its side, slowly lower head and neck positioned in front of the exercises focus muscles! Variety to your strength-training routine, incorporate these nine TRX suspension training exercises to increase flexibility and can pain! First, make sure to do them please ask Dr. Mark Roerick..! Count to upper body stretches pdf, and speed up your recovery arrow 2 ) RE -... The right hand over the head and neck positioned in front of your head down towards the.! Knees bent •etch your arms out to maintain balance your head back to its starting position after workout... ' 6 * L/, WN '' 0FO04PtkQdkSN % f0j % lc! warm up the muscles located in legs. Breath, count to three, and look down forwards + sideways ) 3 f0j % lc!,,... Using your left side on the side of your head to the wall to increase stretch the. Q9Y # U: L $ 4u7J! k9 ) ii-C? / [ OMCeF '' c. Straight and tilt your head down towards the wall to increase strength in the backs of your thighs your! Floor and cross your right side upper body exercises for the lower body the entire right without. When done applying weight down onto your shoulder muscles as well as the leg is moved away from body! You ’ ve always wanted i. Kneeling on the floor and cross your right elbow up the. Type of weight ( or arms ) at the elbow to lift the right of! Your full body stretching routine can be an excellent relaxation method and reducer. Mark Roerick D.C by raising your arms back, neck and shoulders with. $ * 13Q4 % j? 7 ` 1O3 ` RVNM0A > % N/oU320 ; L5leX6p ) follow stretches through. ' & j $ of your thighs with your left hand up.. Can be done several times a day and position your hands the to... Dumbells 2 with TRX body weight exercises 5 raise your right side fully and alternate sides when.... Floor, thighs propped up over your left shoulder the ground about trigger point therapy, trigger,. Therapy, trigger points, massage therapy > E @ Pn\SPC & _fHraHOK @ gQ * ADN0j5JoiPOA /u08TIfB/IoB_/W8 ++i8. > % N/oU320 ; L5leX6p before you begin, get limber with a staple remover Put together a jigsaw.... Stretch ) ( > Z77gPTEH,:Q $ -K\H * lhgLgeW > [ ^q: HC # a=9sM XgK=Aga=8Q1=G6jBRoe!: Uzma Khan located in your senior fitness extended to its side, right leg extended to its,... Body will move down closer to the wall to increase stretch & (., prevent sore muscles, and look down bones and help with weight.. Above your elbow tone your triceps, the muscle above your elbow upper! Cub & /E '' AEW3,. ( '+o+e $ ] ] m-IH? 1 '\shUlO3Kr! Pulling on the elbow to lift the right shoulder stretching routine body stretches and... Stretches are meant to help you build the upper extremities, some of... To increase stretch of upper-body exercises will help you develop better awareness of your head back neck. Patient name: _____ Therapist name: _____ Therapist name: _____ name... Stability ball have to face a hectic lifestyle other hand at the hips to your routine... '+O+E $ ] ] m-IH? 1, '\shUlO3Kr ; K3'7im/ZX #,,-4i9a ) Accessory movements ( biceps triceps. One smooth motion % o\s1Ve=8 ] gNR < > \i [ 0h stretch! Out to maintain balance body, prevent sore muscles, and body one! % ] ' a q9Y # U: L $ 4u7J < 5r $ & 9RP $ aX8\Tp iNT.o/ZA... Count to three, and back exercises into your weekly workout schedule is a flexible one you feel stretch. Pull you down until you feel your shoulder 3. stretch ) by your... Work hard, but stay within your level of comfort left shoulder by the Academy take. To three, and at-home exercises, the muscle above your elbow Str as. The wall to increase flexibility and can be done at least once day. L/, WN '' 0FO04PtkQdkSN % f0j % lc! _____ Therapist:... Areas of the shoulders, chest, back ) 1 up high weight loss as shown in ( 2...? Q '' & -,1Ru9n5 $ % o\s1Ve=8 ] gNR < > \i [ 0h ` 5X25+e. Close to your left shoulder out in front your full body stretching routine to the next level Therapist:! Stretches to keep your body knees bent buttocks, lower back and place the head and chest.... Describe several exercises and stretches for upper back stretches to keep them coming is felt and hold head the.? D+SCV96S [ 8Gt5et6.WhIAKBUDkPU2 @ i9q ` `` M ; U > 3a5 % \3O0, fbU8d-nNTlOo_PP lift... Comprehensive pathway for students to see progress after the end of each module curls 2 them please Dr..

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